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For home and property owners, changing your windows is a major investment. We beleive the more the home owner is educated in the area of window renovations, repairs, replacement and installation, the better off they will be.  We are pleased to have curated this blog post from  Feel free to visit their site and read the original article. 

Why Double Glazed Windows Are the Best Choice for Replacement Windows

Upgrading your existing windows to improve energy efficiencies is a wise idea. Double glazed windows are the best choice on the market right now for replacement windows. The design and characteristics of the leading models will help you to save on energy costs and provide a more comfortable home all year round.

How Do Double Glazed Windows Work?

Unlike single pane windows, double glazed include a variety of elements to create the highest efficiencies. Along with the two glass panes that are spaced around 16mm apart, these windows often have gases such as argon or krypton to fill the gap and create better insulation.

Low emissivity or Low-E windows include a layer of metal oxide on the internal pane. This thin and clear layer will allow sunlight to enter the home, but also blocks heat from escaping outside thus reducing the burden on your furnace.

The best double glazed windows on the market are those with both a Low-E coating and the gas between the panes. This design offers the most protection and insulation against heat loss, improving the efficiency of your home significantly.

Quiet Days and Nights

Double glazed windows also offer better protection against obtrusive noise. This can become a major issue for some homes, especially on the side of the house that faces the street. If a bedroom or home office is equipped with double glazed windows it will be quieter, even in high noise areas, than those with another type.

The air space between the two panes not only insulates against heat transfer, it also blocks sound from passing through and muffles loud noises noticeably. When combined with heavy drapes, this product will help create a quiet space in your home.

Are Triple Glazed Windows Better?

Triple glazed windows are now making their way onto the market. Using the same principle, triple glazed have three panes of glass instead of two to add insulation against heat loss. These windows might also use gas between the panes and a Low-E coating to improve the efficiency levels.

Many window retailers will tell you that, as it stands today a high quality double glazed window offers similar protection and efficiencies as a triple glazed window will. Since the newer product costs significantly more than double glazed, it is generally recommended that homeowners opt for the double glazed to capture the insulation against heat and noise while staying within budget.

Where Are the Best Window Replacements Made?

It's important that all of the old single pane windows in your home be replaced. Replacement windows add value to your home both in resale and for daily living. By starting in your living space and working your way around the house each window in the house can be replaced without needing to come up with large amounts of money for the project.

Double glazed windows will create an energy efficient environment in your home. Cut down your energy usage, save money on utility bills and be more comfortable all year long with this style of replacement windows. They are certainly worth the investment.



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