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Foggy Windows Peoria - Why Double Pane Window Get Cloudy?

The Problem with Foggy Insulated Gas Units

Foggy windows Peoria and cloudy double pane windows are an eventual occupancies among home owners, businesses and property managers.  One of the questions that is often asked by these people is, "Why do my windows fog up?"  Among window manufacturers and window contractors, it is understood thatFoggy Windows Peoria a small amount of condensation will occur on the inner panes of insulated glass units (IGU's) and this condensation is sometimes accepted as long as this condensation does not obstruct the view through the ouble pane window for extended periods of time.  If the condensation continues to exist for an extended length of time, damage to the wood frame and mold growth may occur.

There has been extensive research conducted by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory (LBNL) to better unerstand why this occurs.  The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and other establishments have also conducted volumes of research on this topic as well.

How are Double Pane Windows Constructed?

To better understand why windows fail and fog up, we need to look more in depth to the basic construction of double pane windows.  Looking at the diagram, the inner and outer pane are heldDouble Pane Window Construction together by a sealant.  The sealant is designed so that desiccant is placed inside the window as well.  The desiccant is a substance that removes any moisture inside the double pane area by absorbtion.  A spacer is places to keep the desiccant in place and to maintain a consistant distance between the inner and outer glass windows.

When the window is installed, it is subjected to wide fluctuations in temperature changes.  These temperature changes will expand the glass thermal pane when heated and contract when cooled.  This expansion and contraction eventually compromises the window seal and it cracks.  Air is then allowed to enter the space between the inner and outer glass panes and this air contains moisture vapor.  The moisture in the air will condense based on the temperature changes and for a specific length of time, the desiccant material will absorb this moisture and keep your windows clean and clear.

The problem of foggy windows occurs when the desiccant has saturated and can no longer absorb the incoming moisture.  Water droplets then start to form on the inside glass panes and we end up with foggy or cloudy windows.  This condensation will cause considerable damage to the window frame.  If your window frame is made of wood, then the wood can rot.  Additionally, the moisture will lead to the formation of mold and this can be harmfull to the people inhabiting the room.

Why causes the window seal to crack and fail?  First one must understand that the crack in the seal can be microscopic and invisible to the naked eye.  The microscopic crack is large enough to allow moisture to enter the inside of the double pane space.  Cause of IGU window sealant failure can be manufacturing defects, improper application, chemical incompatability among the various parts of the window unit, improper transportation, handling and installation and finally the mechanical stress due to the expansion and contraction due to the temperature changes of the environment.

When water occurs inside the window IGU, this water can further damage the seal and accelarate the end life of the double pane window.

Extended periods of water condensation can leach the constituent components of the glass and deposit them on the glass surface resulting in a cloudy effect which increases the inability to see through the window.

One other possible reason for cloudy windows can be caused by sunlight affecting the seal, desiccant and other components of the window to a point where the chemicals released from the sunlight heating the window reacts and forms a cloudy film on the inside surface of the window.  This is called "outgassing".

At the end of the day, your double pane windows will eventually fail.  This will cause an unsightly window unit in your home or office, inhibit the ability to view through the window and the formation of mold due to excessive moisture can cause health risk to the people in that room.

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