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Bumstead in Maricopa County, Arizona - Home Window Replacement; Facts, Options, and Tips

We are pleased to have curated this blog post from  Feel free to visit their site and read the original article.  These are great tips to think about when thinking of replacing the windows in your home or business and energy efficiency.

When it comes to new house window replacement options, never before has the selection been greater. Windows do more than provide light and ventilation. They add to house design, character, and individuality; framing the outside scenery as seen from within, while enhancing room decor.

Everything is available, ranging from mirror window, designer window, and safety window choices. Including casement, double sash, bay window, picture window, and skylight window options. With stained glass window, frosted, or clear glass window panes; set in wood, fiberglass, metal, or vinyl window casings.

New windows can drastically alter the appearance of a house. Replacing a standard rectangular window with a bow window, for instance, not only enhances cosmetic appeal, but creates the illusion of more space.

Home Window Replacement Tips

Selecting a new window is made easier when you first determine what it is you want to accomplish.

Do you want to replace outdated wooden windows that require old-fashioned storm window inserts? You might want to consider double or triple pane windows set in energy efficient vinyl frames. Or high efficiency aluminum frames that use non-conductive material, such as rubber or vinyl, to separate the inside and outside of the frames. Thus reducing the transference of cold through the metal; a much better choice than standard aluminum frames.

Do you want to add dimension and elegance to a room while allowing more daylight to filter into the home? An arched bow or angle bay window provides a touch of elegance while accomplishing all of the above. Improving home appearance, inside and out. New high performance styles stay cleaner longer and greatly reduce the appearance of water spots. Select a window seat design; the perfect place to sit and relax or read, with the additional advantage of hidden storage space below.

Whether for appearance or for a specific purpose, consider available choices carefully and the benefits of each.

Double-hung windows that tilt in make maintenance and window cleaning easier; casement windows adapt to a variety of architecture designs and allow more natural light into a room. Garden windows have side sashes set at a 90 degree angle and a glass roof. The perfect choice for the horticulture enthusiast growing herbs for cooking or household plants.

Compare window style, type, and manufacturer warranty specifics with window replacement cost. And then weigh cost with benefits that fit your specific needs before making a selection.

Taylor New Window Glass Replacement to Regional Needs

Window requirements for cold climate regions differ from those in warmer areas where cooling is the main concern. For colder regions, window U factor is most important. The U factor measures how well the window prevents heat from escaping; the lower the number, the less heat there is going out of the house.

Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) ratings measure how much solar heat passes through the window into the house. For hot climates, windows with a low SHGC rating (around .40 or below) are more practical than those with a higher rating. For south facing windows that get lots of direct sunlight, the addition of window shade in the form of overhangs or awnings will help keep inside temperatures cooler on hot summer days.

Regions with cold winters and hot summers require a strategy. Tailor window glass type to window placement.

It might be wise to select the lowest U factor possible for north, east, and west facing windows that get little or no winter sunlight. If you want something lower than .40 but can't afford it, adding a third pane of glass to the window can bring the U factor down to .25 or lower.

Select south facing windows with a SHGC of .55 or higher and exploit free solar heat coming in from the window to cut down on heating costs. However, if summers are long and hot, a lower SHGC of .40 or less might be more sensible, since costs for cooling generally run about 3 times greater than heating.

New Window Installation

Whether your project is for window repair replacement, to upgrade old with new, or for cosmetic purposes; the style, type and size will determine not only the cost. Window selection will also determine whether you will require the services of an experienced professional, or can handle installation yourself as a DIY window replacement project.

Replacing standard-sized windows is a do it yourself replacement window project many homeowners with modest handyman skills can handle themselves. However, installing a large or specialty window requires a higher level of skill, so a window replacement contractor or professional window installer may be your best bet.

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