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Window Repairs, Restoration and Installation Peoria

Window Medics Peoria is your "One stop window shop!"  If you need to repair windows or replace old inefficient windows in your home or if you are looking to update the look of your house and want to install the latest energy efficient windows then you are at the right place.

 Window Replacement, Repairs, Installation and defogging

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Cloudy, Foggy Windows, Condensate Damage

Over time, the seal in double pane windows will crack or deteriorate due to the expansion andFoggy Window Repair and Restoration contraction of the window pane.  This expansion and contraction of your home windows are due to sunlight heating the glass pane (expansion) and then cooling down when the sun sets (contraction).

With the integrity of the seal compromised, air enters the space between the two glass panes and carries moisture and dirt particles.  The pressure changes result in the build up of condensation and dirt deposits on the inside creating a foggy or cloudy effect.

Many window contractors will lead you to believe that the only remedy for this condition is to replace the glass unit of the window or replace the window itself.  The reality is you do not have to replace your windows.  Window Medics' unique patented technology corrects this condition.  We will clean the inside glass window panes and remove all the moisture.  Window Medics' one-way valve technology will ensure that foggy windows are a thing of the past.  We guarantee it for 20 years.

Broken Window Repair

Accidents do happen.  The kids may have put a ball or hockey puck through the window of yourBroken Window Replacement home.  When an accident does happen, you want the window repaired and replaced with a new unit that exactly matches the original.  Many residential window contractors are only interested in the larger "new window installation" projects and are reluctant to respond to a call to fix a broken window.  We respond quickly to your (602)497-1025 call and will drop by your home to assess the damage and provide you with a written estimate.   When you are ready to move forward, we construct a new window glass module that is the same dimensions as your previous broken window and install it as quickly as possible.

New Window Installations

Over time you will want to install new windows in your home to freshen up the appearance of your home.  You may have a more mature house that has older aluminum window technology that is notNew Window Installation very energy efficient.  With heating and cooling costs getting higher every month, you want your home to be as energy efficient as possible.

We have many types of windows for your next window replacement project.  From contemporary to classic designs, we can design, build and install many styles such as casement, awning, single and double hung, sliding, bay or bow, specialty shapes and specialty windows as well.  You can also take advantages of the new energy efficient technology such as LoE, inert gas filled and double and triple glazed units. 

Call us today to arrange a visit from one of our qualified window consultants.  We will assist you in making the right choice for your home renovation project.


Window Medics Peoria are committed to providing 100% satisfaction to our customers.  If you are looking to buy new windows, replace old windows, repair broken or cracked windows or restore your foggy or cloudy windows, Window Medics is your answer.

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